Get active this May to help people living with Parkinson's.

How will you Step Up?


People Stepping Up


Raised for people living with Parkinson's 

What is Step Up for Parkinson's

Step Up for Parkinson's is a virtual fitness challenge open to everyone. This May we are asking you to Step Up for Parkinson's by doing 5K a day. You can walk, run, or cycle it's up to you and best of all, you can do your 5K a day anywhere and at any time.

If doing 5K a day is not for you, we hear you. You can still Step Up for Parkinson's by setting yourself a challenge this May.

However, you choose to Step Up for Parkinson's this May you will be making a difference by raising funds for people living with Parkinson's.

Why we need you to Step Up


The number Australians under 40 will receive the news today that they have Parkinson's


The number of people living in Australia will be diagnosed with Parkinson's in the next 7 days


The number of people in NSW currently living with Parkinson's


The number of people in Australia predicted to be living with parkinsons in 2024

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Step Up Swag

As you Step Up for Parkinson's and hit your fundraising goals we will send you swag to say thanks for helping raising funds for people living with Parkinson's.

The first 200 people to raise $220 on their fundraising page will receive an exclusive 2023 Step up for Parkinson's active T-Shirt to wear with pride as you Step Up for Parkinson's.

Their will also be fun flash challanges during the campaign that will give you an opportunity to win some awsome prizes.

Countdown to Step Up!





Kerry Bacon

I have Parkinson's, but I'm stepping up for all the wonderful people I've met on this journey who are fighting this disease.

Deb Matthews


Jo Salvestro

I’m stepping up for Parkinson’s during May, due to my husband being diagnosed in 2016. Seeing the changes in the past 7 years has been hard and I won’t to make people aware of this disease that does not discriminate.

Barry Whiting

Hi everyone I am Stepping up for Parkinsons during May. Because I was diagnosed with Parkinsons 2 years ago this May. My goal is to raise awareness and encourage people to take the challenge. Also to get out and do this to raise funds for Parkinsons NSW. Probably the most important thing is to keep active and keep setting goals for yourself.

Gary Cowlishaw

I'm Stepping up for all the people living with Parkinson's . Last year I completed this 31 day challenge and you helped me raise over $3,800 - if you supported me a HUGE thank you. So my goal this year is to exceed that and fund more specialist supports. Since then I have learned of two family members with Parkinson's my Aunt Carol (Mums sister) and Mums cousin Peter. Parkinson's disease does not discriminate, it crops up uninvited when you least expect it. Helping others is one way of giving back and making a difference. 31 days of 6am yoga challenge.

Carolyn Moynihan

Hi friends, As you know I have Parkinsons Disease . I am taking part in Step up for Parkinsons in May. I am hoping to raise $550. This year will be a little different for me as I will be in Bali for 3 week so I will getting some sight seeing in while doing my walk. Thank you everyone for supporting me last year. I would love your support again this year but understand that times are hard for some of you. Funds are used for research into this debilitating disease so every $ counts

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