Get active this May to help people living with Parkinson's.

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Why we need you to Step Up


The number of Australians under 40 who will receive the news today that they have Parkinson's


The number of people living in Australia who will be diagnosed with Parkinson's in the next 7 days


The number of people in NSW currently living with Parkinson's


The number of people in Australia predicted to be living with Parkinson's in 2040

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Judy from Hurstville PDW




I was diagnosed 5 years ago.

Gwen Mangan

I’m stepping up hoping they will find a cure for this disease

Bill and daughter danielle

I'm debbie bills wife and danielles mother.i am still stepping up for them every day..let's get rid of this crazy disease soon.💜💓

Patrice Snell

I’m stepping up for my dad who got diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago and he is having a few falls and other problems I would like to raise some funds for him and all the others that have this terrible problem

Ann Perry

I am stepping up for myself. I was diagnosed just over a year ago at 67. I am hoping to raise money to bring awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s Disease.



Greg McLardy

Keep your head up and stay active



Myself today and tomorrow

I want to continue to advocate for all, including me. Early onset PD is something I must live with for the rest of my life. I’m still smiling!

Hoshang Batliwalla


Debbie and Bill McCarthy

We are stepping g up now and always for out eldest daughter Danielle

Danielle McCarthy

I’m continuing to Step Up for my dad Bill and my mum Debbie


I’m stepping up for my husband and brother in law and to thank all the Parkinsons researchers.

Pauline Millard

Charlie Little

My darling husband Charlie has lived with this pernicious , relentless disease since 2008 with enormous courage,endurance and resilience but it needs to be defeated.


I am Stepping up for the Parkinson's community

Bill McCarthy (my dad) and my entire family

People with PD need ongoing support. Their families take a lot of time and care to consider the needs of their loved ones so they can have a safe, healthy and happy life living with an incurable disease.

Kerry Bacon

This is my third year of Stepping Up and eight years since I was diagnosed. I'm stepping up for everyone who is living with Parkinson's. When I was first diagnosed I asked my Neurologist, " What could I do to help myself?". The simple reply :- Take your meds on time and exercise regularly. It works, my symptoms are still minimal and now I feel horrible if I don't exercise. When I wake up in the morning and everything is aching, I go and exercise; when I sit for too long and begin to ache, I go and exercise. Whatever happens , I exercise, and I vary the exercise. Give it a try, it feels good to keep PD at bay for a little longer.

Jeff Lonergan

Jeff is my late husband. He was, you might say "the quiet achiever". Kind, Strong, the trouble shooter, always willing to help out. He had a 3 year fearce battle with Parkinson's , only to beaten by this awful disease. This is my third year of participating in Step Up. I am so privileged to do so and help raise much needed funds. Thank you to all involved.


Don snell

I’m stepping up for my dad who got diagnosed with Parkinson’s a while ago need to raise money for this wonderful cause.

Julianne stepping up for Dani’s tribe

I’m stepping up for my sister Dani who was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s in 2023 and my Dad Bill who has had Parkinson’s for over 25 years.

Debbie and bill - Danis tribe

We are in Danis tribe. We are stepping up for our daughter danielle and for myself ( bill) as i have had parkinsons for more than 25 years.

Don Snell

I am stepping up for my dad! I'll try to get him out for a few km's with me, but if not he will be in my thoughts :)


I’m stepping up to help spread awareness and raise money to help find a cure for Parkinson’s. It’s a charity very close to my heart as my dad has this condition. x

John Cains

We lost you 2 years ago and life just isn’t the same. Wonderful husband, father, grandfather, friend. Kindest man to walk the earth and your life was cut too short.

John Cains


I am stepping up for Parkinsons for my husband Allan who was diagnosed 3 years ago .With each and every dollar raised it will all help at finding a cure for this cruel disease.Since being diagnosed we have become involved with groups so that we can learn more about the condition and how to live with it. Allan's main problem he suffers with at the moment is "restless legs" at night which effects his sleep most nights ,the right hand tremor is there 99% of the time and he is handling that for now. He is not a complainer and just gets on with life so let's hope this positive outlook is kind to him.


I’m stepping up to help spread awareness and raise money to help find a cure for Parkinson’s. It’s a charity very close to my heart as my dad and a close family friend, neighbour has this condition. Every day I hope today is the day that the news breaks that they’ve found a cure! Never give up hope x


I am stepping up for Parkinsons in honour of my Uncle Maurie, who lost his 10 year long battle with this insidious disease in April.


I am stepping up for my beautiful husband Darryl. He was officially diagnosed 5 years ago this coming November with Young Onset. He was 48 years old when diagnosed. It was a massive shock to both of us and our families. We knew of the disease but we didn't really know much about the symptoms. We were referred to a Neurologist to work out exactly what was going on. We did some simple tests with the Neurologist in his rooms. He organised for some other scans and things, before he wanted to make a firm diagnosis, but Darryl wanted to know what the good Doc thought.. He said " What do you think it is"? and the words" It looks to be Parkinson's Disease" came out of his mouth. We were both in a bit of shock and just sort of nodded and went OK. The Doctor gave us lots of information via websites, like Parkinson's NSW , to got to and read. It was really helpful in understanding what was going on and what to expect. We walked out of the Neurologist, drove home in a weird silence, then came the tears, the frustration, the anger, the fear all the emotions. Telling family and friends was probably one of the hardest things, some of them got it and some of them just thought he could take a pill and everything would be fine. It took a lot of explaining and reading and more explaining. We did all the tests that the doctor had asked us to do. We then were referred to another movement specialist in Sydney. they all confirmed that it was Parkinson's disease. We are fairly new in our Parkinson's journey, but our lives have changed so much already. Darryl had to medically retire 12 months ago, which was difficult for him. He has worked since he was 14 years old. Then we had to sell our house, as the steep driveway and 15 stairs to the back yard were, just not going to cut it for Darryl. So many things have changed in the last 5 years. Little things, that most people take for granted. I try and stay as positive as I can. I have my days thankfully we have a lot of support from family and friends, and the specialists we see are just amazing.


I'm stepping up for my Dad!

Troy Evans

My husband Troy has young onset Parkinson’s disease. I am in awe of his positive outlook and no fuss approach. Troy never complains or asks “why me?”, he just gets on with living the best life he can every single day. I would love to see a future where Parkinson’s is a thing of the past and wonderful people like my Troy can look forward to a long and healthy life

William Robert McCarthy

My dad is my hero. Since he got DBS 3 months ago, he is stronger in min and spirit. He is getting his strength and more mobility back. My mum is his full time carer and she is amazing so I’m also doing this for her and the time and effort she puts in to each day and moment to give my dad a meaningful life. I wish them both a wonderful, newly adjusted lifestyle in 2024 and beyond.


We're doing it for our colleague Chris who was diagnosed 18mths ago with idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 51. Since then, it has been quite a challenge, finding the right balance of medication, attending exercise physiology, speech pathology & numerous other specialist appointments all while holding down a fulltime job & trying to live a semi normal life. We are so proud of Chris for being brave enough to share his journey and help us all learn how to support him.

Maurie Fuller

Maurie lost his life to Parkinson's on 1 April 2024 after 10 years and no known cure for this disease. More research is needed to make life easier for other people with Parkinson's, and find a way to prevent it.


I am stepping up for my beautiful Mamabear, Lorraine. I am so proud of how much she has embraced this new chapter of her life and won’t allow this disorder to defeat her - through the good and the bad days. She really is such an inspiration to all that she meets 🤍

PD Power Class

I am stepping for my PD Power class in Figtree. As my job as an Exercise Physiologist, I have the joy of working alongside people with Parkinson's take back control of their disease through exercise. So here I am doing my share of exercise for my patients and there families.

Cheryl S

My incredibly strong wife, Cheryl was diagnosed 8 months ago. After the stages of grief, we're on track to stave off the progression with a mix of medication, exercise and enjoying life. We want to help find a cure by raising donations for Parkinson's NSW ongoing research and raising awareness in our community.

My Dad!

MaxAmazzing, Martin Hicks

We are stepping up for Max who is fighting a fierce battle with this foe, Parkinson’s for well over a decade. He continues to be Amazzing in his strategies to be energetic, despite what Parkinson’s is taking.

Barry Whiting

I am stepping up to help raise awareness of Parkinsons in my local community and to help raise much needed funds for Parkinsons NSW to continue their efforts to provide support for the people who are living with Parkinsons and their families and carers. Also more importantly to set myself excersie goals each day for the month of May and throughout the year.

Mum and a lifelong friend.

Gary Cowlishaw

My name is Gary, I work for Parkinson's NSW where our team of experts are fully focused on providing specialist supports to help people living with Parkinson's. I want to make a difference and with your help we can deliver better health outcomes. Please give the gift of hope if you can knowing that Parkinson's appears unexpectedly and uninvited. It doe snot discriminate.


In past years I have walked and walked - and walked! This year, after reaching the stage where DBS surgery was the best option (after nearly 10 years of tablets), I am doing push ups instead to help regain my fitness. 1550 push ups for the month of May is my goal. I intend to reach it. Please donate to help support others with PD who don't have as much amazing support as I do.

Dennis Marsh and Garry Johnson

My parner, Dennis was diagnosed 3 years ago .Dennis loved to cycle daily .He has cycled all over the world and as a youngster he competed in England with great success. Since his diagnosis his balance has been a problem and he hasn't been able to cycle ..his goal is to get back to his beloved activity..A very good friend of his and a cycling mate, Gary was also diagnosed a year after Dennis..Gary's diagnosis is worse as his form of Parkinsons is affecting him quicker.

My Dad!




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