Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which you cannot find the answer for below, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1800 644 189 or 02 8051 1900, or fill out the online enquiry form.

What is Step up for Parkinson's?

When is Step up for Parkinson's?

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Step up for Parkinson's is an online, month-long personal challenge that starts on 1 May 2023 and runs through 31 May 2023. 

If doing 5K a day is not for you, we hear you. You can still Step Up for Parkinson's by setting yourself a challenge this May.

However, you choose to Step Up for Parkinson's this May you will be making a difference by raising funds for people living with Parkinson's.

Can I Step up with other people? 

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Yes, absolutely. Apart from just being really good fun, exercising in a group is a great motivator. It will help you to keep pushing yourself to reach your goal! 

You can Step Up for Parkinson's as a:
  • Family
  • Workplace
  • Parkinson's NSW Support Group
  • Parents Group
  • School

Do I have to do 5K a day?

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Step up for Parkinson's is a personal challange not a marathon. 5K a day is a suggestion, you can do more or less then 5K its totally up to you. 

Remember, you can always change your challange goal if you feel you have set the goal to high or low. Log in to your dashboard and scroll down and select "My Fitness Activity" to make this change.

If doing 5K a day is not for you, we hear you. You can still Step Up for Parkinson's "YOUR WAY" this May but setting your self a challange.


How do I create a fundraising page?

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Select the way you will Step Up for Parkinson's from the buttons bellow. 

Once you have compleated the regersation process a personal fundraising page will be created for you. 

Do 5k a day Your Way

How do I log my fitness activity?

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You can link your Step Up for Parkinson's personal fundraising page with Strava, Fitbit and MapMyfitness. By doing this your fitness activity will automatically sync between your fitness app of choice and your fundraising page. 

If you are currently not using Strava, Fitbit and MapMyfitness you can download them for free by visiting the App Store.

Once installed and your account has been created with your preferred app, login to your Step Up for Parkinson's profile page and head to the 'My Fitness Activity' tab. Here you can now connect up to your preferred fitness app. Click on the icon of the app you'd like to connect - this will ask you to login and authorise us to access your fitness account. 

You're now connected!

When using your fitness app, remember to create a new activity through your app and stop when you're finished each time - this will ensure your kilometres are recorded onto your Step Up for Parkinson's page.

You can also manually add an activity through the 'My Fitness Activity' tab too.

We have a handy step by step guide that can assist you with this, which is also available in your dashboard under 'Resources'.

How do I collect donations?

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Donations can be made through your fundraising page. Simply send the link to your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your efforts.

Cash donations can be collected and depoisted into the Parkinson's NSW account. 

To add a cash donation to your fundraising page please click here. 

How do I update my fundraising page?

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Login to your Step up for Parkinson's account and head to your dashboard. Click on ‘Edit my page’ and update your fundraising page. Don't forget we are here every Step of the way so reach out if you need our help 

How do I share my fundraising page on Facebook?

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Facebook is a great way to share your Step up for Parkinson's fundraising page, creating a Facebook fundraising page that is linked to your Step Up for Parkinsons fundraising page is also a great way to help your reach your goal.

We have found that participants who have created a Facebook fundraiser are reaching their goal 70% faster.

To create a Facebook fundraiser, you need to access your dashboard and click on the "Create a Facebook fundraiser" button that you will find under your name.

Access your dashboard here:

Are donations tax-deductible?

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Yes, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

How does Parkinson's NSW use the money raised?

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All money raised through Step Up for Parkinson's will allow Parkinson's NSW to continue providing essential services such as counselling, Support Groups, an InfoLine staffed by Parkinson’s Registered Nurses, education, NDIS advocacy, Support Coordination and fundraising for service delivery. We thank you for your support

How do I thank my donors?

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Login to your Step Up for Parkinson's account and head to your dashboard. Click on ‘Edit my page’ and update your fundraising page.

Are there any prizes or rewards for fundraising?

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The first 400 people to raise $80 on their Step Up for Parkinson's fundraising page will receive and exclusive bandana.

The first 200 people to raise $220 on their fundraising page will receive an exclusive 2023 Step up for Parkinson's active T-Shirt to wear with pride as you Step Up for Parkinson's.

Their will also be fun flash challanges during the campaign that will give you an opportunity to win some awsome prizes.


How much does it cost to register?

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It is FREE to register and participate in Step Up for Parkinson's. You can Step Up solo, as a team, or as a workplace!

Social Media

How to share your fundraising URL on Instagram

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Sharing your URL on Instagram can be tricky.
Here are two options that you could try,
1. Add your fundraising URL to your Instagram bio
2. Create an Instagram story and use the 'Sticker Link' to share your fundraising URL

How do I join the Step Up for Parkinson's Facebook Group 

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Click here to join 

Have any questions or need help?