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I'm Stepping Up for Parkinson's this May!

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I'm stepping up for parkinsons in May because my husband has parkinsons now fir more than 25 years and my daughter had been diagnosed with early onset PD for 12 months now.w

During the month of May, I will be Stepping Up for Parkinson's.

Your generous support will assist me in reaching my fundraising goal and allow Parkinson's NSW to continue its mission to enhance the quality of life for people living with Parkinson's, their carers and families.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder. There are currently 219,000 Australians living with Parkinson's. Of these, 18 per cent are of working age.

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On holidays

Saturday 1st Jun
Thank you to everyone who showed their love and support to danielle in this may step up for PD challenge..she is as strong as ever and is a fighter.we will defeat this disease together


Thursday 30th May

Push ups in the sun

Wednesday 29th May
Bill doing some push ups on the rocks at kurnell today after walking down the beach

Look at me now

Wednesday 29th May
Walking on the sand at kurnell.DBS you are a miracle.!!! From barely walking at all 4 months ago to this.

Path to a cure

Monday 27th May

Pushing forwards

Monday 27th May
I'm pushing on with my walking in support of my husband bill and our daughter danielle who also has parkinsons .I wish for a cure for our amazing strong daughter.

A drink

Thursday 23rd May
Just did 7 laps in the street with my walker in 30 minutes so now i need a drink..I am stronger now

Keep on going

Tuesday 21st May
Today bill continued with his boxing which he really enjoys and then did 3 laps with his walker in our street..he is improving so much with repetition of exercises daily.

A sunny day

Sunday 19th May
Today bill walked again in the street .the sun was out and he was feeling good..he walked an extra lap and even walked up the drive way with out stopping for the first time.He said that he was proud of his much improved big strides and overall improvement in his mobility since starting with a walker about 6 weeks ago .perseverance and persistence is paying off. I have been there coaching all the way and I am very pleased with the amazing results .

Exercise is the key

Wednesday 15th May
Sometimes after exercising able to walk totally unaided in the house for a little while.exercise is the key.

Walking unaided now

Wednesday 15th May
Since bills DBS/GPI he has been working to get stronger and more mobile.the DBS has stopped all his uncontrolled violent dyskinesia and has made it easier for him to regain some strength. .I have been doing lots of various exercises with him as shown in my previous posts.i think it is starting to pay off.having parkinsoms for about 27 years is a long haul but together we have pushed through and overcome many hurdles.there is no other choice but to keep on fighting .It's been 4 months his surgery

my walker

Monday 13th May
Today bill used his walker again to walk in our street.he is improving each teaching  him how to get started again once he looses his rythmn.bill is finally catching on.
Knees up high and swing your foot forward as far as you can  left than right  8 big steps which will get your rythmn again.

up tall

Saturday 11th May
practising standing up tall from a sitting position without assistance and the touching my toes 10 times. I did this exercise 5 balance is much better now.

touching toes

Saturday 11th May

With my E.P. instructor

Friday 10th May
This is the motorised machine.the other photo is on the manual machine.its great for balance ,strength and posture.

isodynamic reviver

Friday 10th May
today I visited my exercise physiology clinic whete I have been attending for 4 years.its called isodynamic reviver at caringbah.

Some hip and leg stretches on my reformer

Thursday 9th May

Push ups on reformer

Thursday 9th May

reformer pilates

Tuesday 7th May


Tuesday 7th May
Bill did some pilates today

wet day

Sunday 5th May
some boxing

rainy today

Sunday 5th May
it was too wet for Bill to go out with his walker today.he did some exercise bike and boxing instead

bills walker

Thursday 2nd May

bills walker

Thursday 2nd May
Today bill walked about 800m with his walker in our street.not bad for more that 25 years of PD and having DBS /GPI  3monrhs ago today.

plane watching

Wednesday 1st May

Debbie and bill

Wednesday 1st May
Today I walked 3.1km 
Mt husband with parkinsons for more,than 25 years walked  900m with his walker.
Total 4km

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mick Napoli

Go Bill & Debbie 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Gabriella Maguire

Debbie has been amazing support to Bill. Driving him to achieve his goals


Jan Lindsay

Well done Deb and Bill



Keep up the great work Bill and Debbie!!


Isodynamics Rehab Clinic

Hope this donation can help make a difference. All the best.


Debbie Mccarthy


Collette Mcclelland


Col Drever

Hi Dai, keep up the good work, I too am aPwP and would dearly love there to be either a cure or more effective treatment 😊


Nola Elliott

Bill has achieved so much with the amazing support and perseverance of Debbie - great joint effort.


Ross & Liz Diver-tuck


Danielle Mccarthy


Trudi Coutts

Your photos and updates of the exercises Bill is doing is inspiring. Happy stretching and walking to you both!!


Marilyn Allen

Proud of you Debbie !


Brian Pemberton


Vasu Mistry

I am donating today to support Bill ,Danielle and Hasuben in their journey with Parkinson's.hope the research finds a cure soon.