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I'm Stepping up for Parkinson's

Many will know I joined Parkinson's NSW to focus on giving back and helping others.  

I am Stepping Up for Parkinson's doing my own YOGA challenge and need your help please. 

My challenge is to do a one hour yoga session every day for 31 days - yep an hour on the mat at 6am daily, OK maybe 8am on Sat and Sun!

All proceeds will help  Parkinson's NSW to provide much needed supports for people living with Parkinson's disease.  Such as information, neurological nurses, education, counselling and connections to allied health supports in the persons local area.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder. There are currently 219,000 Australians living with Parkinson's. Of these, 18 per cent are of working age.

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Day 31 of 31 days of YOGA for Parkinson's

Tuesday 31st May

We did it 31 classes in 31 days and with your help we have raised over $3,600 which is awesome.

Huge thanks to all my supporters on and off the mat and particularly to everyone at The Living Room yoga school Coogee for your ongoing encouragement.

Living with Parkinsons is a constant struggle and it doesn't get any easier. With your help we can make a difference and provide specialist supports to enhance the quality of life to all people living with Parkinson’s.

Thank you for all you are doing. If you haven't already please consider making a donation – its not too late. , 

Day 30 6am yoga challenge crew

Monday 30th May
Monday 30 May 
Awesome support from the 6am yoga crew at The Living Room  yoga school Coogee .

Could not have done this without everyone's support on the mat. Huge thanks and appreciation for helping others.

Thanks Izabela for running 6am class  

Day 29 Step up for Parkinson's - Standing tall

Monday 30th May
Parkinson's disease is degenerative and there is no cure however with the best specialist supports the progression can be slowed allowing the person with Parkinson's to live the best life possible. Medication and exercise are the foundation and these support everything else from socialisation to strength and balance. 

Day 28 of 31 Step up for Parkinsons

Saturday 28th May
Big walk on the beach up to Surfers Paradise and back. Sand yoga session at Northcliffe Surf Club with some yogis visiting from Brighton le Sands. 

Day 27 of 31 yoga challenge

Friday 27th May

Parkinson’s is more prevalent than many common cancers – including prostate, breast, colorectal, and lung cancers in Australians over the age of 50

Improvisation yoga session on the beach at the Gold Coast for a wedding. 

Thanks everyone for supporting this and helping people with Parkinson’s disease.  

Day 26 of 31 days of yoga for Step up for Parkinson's

Thursday 26th May
Sunshine to celebrate the last week of Autumn .

Parkinson’s affects people of all ages. The reality is that 5 Australians under 40 are diagnosed every day.

With your help we can make a difference and provide  specialist supports and improved health outcomes to enhance the quality of life to all people living with Parkinson's

Todays yoga pic from 6am class - wall assist hand stand 

Day 25 of 31 day YOGA challenge for Parkinson's

Wednesday 25th May
5.55am heavy rain and pitch black darknes but check these  happy  6am ers (post yoga photo) - good on you for sharing space every day - thanks for your support. 

Parkinson’s is a progressive, degenerative condition of the central nervous system. Its causes are unknown, and a cure has not yet been found. Today 37 people in Australia will hear the words "you've got Parkinson's" for the first time - that's more than one person every hour every day.  

Day 24 yoga crew - Step up for Parkinsons at the Living Room yoga Coogee

Tuesday 24th May
Tues 24May 6am yoga day 24 of 31 

Today in Australia, 37 people will  hear the words “you have Parkinson’s” for the very first time. That’s more than one person every hour , of every day

Day 23 of 31 YOGA challenge Step up for Parkinson's

Monday 23rd May
Day 23 - well its  pitch black on the horizon at 5.55am now , sunrise is after 6.40am at the moment.

Strong class this morning and good to see some friendly regulars on the mat.

* days to go - not too late to support people living with Parkinson's 

one leg standing - Day 22

Sunday 22nd May
Standing on one leg is quite tricky 

Stepping up for Parkinson's to help people living with this awful neuro and degenerative condition. 

Did you know there is no known cure for Parkinson's disease.
This is why the right specialist supports are much needed.

Day 21 of 31 day yoga challenge - Stepping up for

Sunday 22nd May
Day 21 of 31 - Step up for Parkinson’s.
Exercise is second only to medication when living with Parkinson's.
Walking and balancing exercises, boxing, dancing, treadmill, bike, Tai Chi, yoga, Nordic and pole walking and swimming are just some of the options well suited to helping manage symptoms. 
If you would like to support my challenge you can view my blog here. Please consider donation if you can. Thank you 

Exercise is good!   

Day 20 of 31 - Step up for Parkinson's 6am yoga crew

Friday 20th May
Friday 20May - Day 20 of 31 
Look at all those bright 6am yoga smiles - what a great bunch. Thank you all for your support on the mat . It means a lot and collectively you are helping people living with Parkinson's.
Thanks to Anne Marie for teaching class and taking such a fun photo!

Day 19 of 31 6am YOGA Step Up for Parkinson's

Thursday 19th May
Morning Guys, Day 19 
Huge thank you to all my friends and family who are supporting me every step of the way through this 31 day challenge - you are all awesome. 

Did you know exercise can benefit people living with Parkinson's in two ways:
- symptom management improves gait, balance, tremor, flexibility, strength and coordination 
- slowing disease progression. Improves movement slowing symptoms 

Check out todays pic of 6am regulars from the Living Room yoga school Coogee - thanks to our teacher Izabela who took the pic for always being there at 6am 

three yoga 6am musketeers?

Wednesday 18th May
Day 18 - supported by 6am regulars Perry and Brian..good work guys.

Did you know there is no cure for Parkinsons disease. Treatments include a range of prescription medications, surgery and physical and supportive therapies. All aim to control symptoms but none can prevent the progression of the disease. The right and most effective treatment is different in each persons specific circumstances and can help slow progression. Most medications have side effects so there are many hidden challenges. 

sometimes you fall

Tuesday 17th May
Day 17 - another perfect start to the day - check out the "falling" pic for Step up for Parkinsons yoga this morning ,  oops - 

Parkinson's disease is primarily a movement disorder however some aspects of  cognition like thinking and memory and emotion can be later complications. 

Day 16 Step up for Parkinson's

Monday 16th May
A glimmer of light on the horizon at 5.55am this morning - perfect calm.

Unfortunately people living with Parkinson's are four times more likely to face extended hospital stays, increased trips and falls and early admission to residential aged care. 
Access to a Parkinson's neurological nurse means help with symptom management, medication management and reduced (or avoided) hospitalisation. 

Thank you everybody, your amazing support is making a big difference to those living with Parkinson's 

Day 14 Step up for Parkinsons at the Living Room yoga Coogee

Saturday 14th May
Day 14 - Saturday 14th May
Amazing support from everyone making this happen .

Awesome class this morning @ The Living Room yoga Coogee with Anne Marie.

Funds go straight to providing services for people living with Parkinson's disease.   

Friday 13th lucky for some - Day 13 of 6am yoga

Friday 13th May
Step up for Parkinson's is going great - with everyone's help ,  have already passed my initial  target - over $1,700 now and not yet half way through... 
those 5.30am alarms are paying off

Every day more people are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's in NSW and this funding helps cover the cost of special seminars for newly diagnosed . Giving these people  support at a time of shock and confusion not knowing what is ahead or what to expect next. 

side crow @6am yoga Step Up for Parkinsons

Thursday 12th May
Hi Guys
For the non yogis - they call this one side crow or "flying" 
The pic tells the story - trying to fly  after 6am yoga this  morning - Day 12 tick.  (hard getting pics before class at 5.55am everyone is sleepwalking - well I am ) 

Did you know there are many hidden (non visible) side effects of Parkinson's - its a complex neuro-degenerative disease and impacts each person differently - helping fund a Specialist Parkinson's Neurological nurse is one way we can change the future for others. 

Thanks for your wonderful support. 

Day 11 Step up for Parkinson's

Wednesday 11th May
Getting used to the 5.30am alarm and spring out of bed to 6am yoga at The Living Room in Coogee .
Its great to have so much support - thank you everyone.

Feeling good giving back and contributing to help others 

Day 10 pre 6am stormy dawn

Tuesday 10th May
Day 10 of Step up for Parkinsons daily 6am yoga challenge - guess what thanks to your amazing support we have reached our initial $1250 target - still 21 days to go can I double it?

$3461 will fund a a Parkinson's Nurse Specialist  for a week 

Day 9 6am yoga

Monday 9th May
Monday 9th May 2022 - another great day 
Raining and  pitch black at 5.45am when I left home - great to see some familiar smiley faces at 6am yoga - loving the support guys = all for people with Parkinson's 

There are 70,000 people living  with this awful disease in NSW   

Day 8 Happy Mothers Day

Sunday 8th May
A great day to celebrate family and appreciate all the mothers present past and future xx 

Day 7 down at Coogee beach yoga

Saturday 7th May
Hello Everybody
To those who have supported me - a huge thank you . A journey like this  is all the more rewarding with collaboration and encouragement.
To those who have donated - wow - you are amazing as collectively you are making a huge difference to others. 
Hope you are liking the pics too.

6am yoga crew

Friday 6th May
Heading into yoga pre 6am loving the support on the mat - thanks everyone

6am yoga day 5

Thursday 5th May
Getting to class at 5.55am and seeing the dawn sunrise is a special way to support the beautiful people living with Parkinson's . Much appreciative of the support on the mat from fellow 6am 'er yogis @ The Living Room  too x 

Thank you to my Sponsors



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