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I'm Stepping Up for Parkinson's this May!

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Why am I Stepping up for Parkinson's

This May I will get up at 5.30am every day and spend an hour at 6am yoga to raise funds to help people living with Parkinson's. 

Please help me if you can, any donation is much appreciated 

Unfortunately Parkinson's doesn't discriminate and it creeps up on you when you least expect it, uninvited.

Parkinson's disease is  more prevalent than breast cancer. 

12,000,000 people with Parkinson's by 2040

70,000 people in NSW living with Parkinson's

5 Australians under 40 diagnosed every day 

 You can follow my progress on this site, I will post regular updates and some photos.

Together we can make a difference and with your support fund more specialist nurses in the community.  Thank you every donation large or small is much appreciated 

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Day 26 of 31 days of yoga

Friday 26th May
Parkinson's disease is a complex and degenerative neurological condition with no cure. 
One of the symptoms is "instability".
People with Parkinson's disease may have difficulty getting out of bed, out of a chair or in and out of vehicles. Assistance may be needed to maintain mobility while avoiding the risk of debilitating falls. 

Day 25 skandasana 6am yoga

Thursday 25th May
Another stunning sky at 5.55am this morning  bit of red - "shepherds delight or not?" 
For anyone seeking accurate information about Parkinson's disease there are 28 different information sheets on the Parkinson's NSW website . Topics like sleep , mobility to relationships  to driving with Parkinson's 
a good point of reference for families and carers, health professions as well as people living with Parkinson's  

Day 24 sunrise yoga view

Wednesday 24th May
For those living with Parkinson's there are many challenges. Education and access to accurate information is a priority.
Parkinsons NSW provides this, for example through newly diagnosed seminars.
Parkinson's NSW also offers education sessions in the workplace for staff on how to best care and aid those living with Parkinson's - and their families and carers.  
None of this is possible without funding. 
Please consider a donation of you can and together we can make a difference.  campaign makes a difference. Thank you everybody for your kindness towards others. 

Day 23 of 31 sunrise steps for Parkinson's

Tuesday 23rd May
6am dawn walk round the headland this morning - brisk, quite a sharp chill until the sun came up.  Yoga this  evening 

All in a good cause to help fund specialist supports that will deliver better health outcomes for people living with Parkinson's - thank you everyone who is behind me on this one. 

Day 22 6am yoga

Monday 22nd May
Great pic of 6am yoga crew who supported me on the mat this morning - Day 22 of the 31 day challenge. Thank you yogis. for sharing space and giving encouragement.  
 Parkinson's means everyday things you used to be able to do and now struggle doing -  like swallowing and communicating difficulties. 
There are more than 30 muscles involved in swallowing and they all have to work together.  
A Parkinson's specialist nurse can help and voice exercises (harder than you think) plus talking, singing and projecting your voice are all very beneficial activities after a diagnosis. 

Day 20 and 21 Step up for Parkinson's yoga challenge

Sunday 21st May
Saturday Day 20 was a change of routine and a 90 minute hot (Bikram) yoga session - not used to the extra 30 minutes or the heat and found it extremely strenuous.
Sunday Day 21 back at The Living Room for 60 minutes on the mat.
All for such an important cause, helping people living with Parkinson's - thank you to everyone who has helped support me through this challenge - am enjoying sharing space and practising together.  10 days to go.  

Day 19 of 31 days of yoga

Friday 19th May
To all who are supporting me on this challenge thank you , your help and enthusiasm means a lot.
For the 1,000's of people living with Parkinson's this fundraising means even more as it enables the ongoing provision of specialist supports giving better health outcomes. Slowing the progression of this degenerative disease is the aim.

Day 18 Step up

Thursday 18th May
Today is Day 18 of 31 days of 6am yoga to help people living with Parkinson's disease.
For anyone recently diagnosed (newly diagnosed) it is important to focus on getting accurate information about the disease and creating a network of professional care providers and personal supports. 

Day 17 of 31 days to raise funds for Parkinson's

Wednesday 17th May
A huge thank you to all those who have already donated to support this important cause.
Some of the hidden symptoms you may not know about include: sleep difficulties, bladder dysfunction, pain, depression, anxiety, gastric reflux, hallucinations, sweating, dementia, , erectile difficulties and there are others - close to 50 in total. 

Day 16 Step up for Parkinson's

Tuesday 16th May
Half way there - 16 of 31 days challenge completed
Parkinson's - here are some symptoms  people don't see:
constipation, speech and swallowing difficulties, panic attacks, loss of smell, lack of facial expression, hypotension, impulse control disorder and delusional behaviour .
Unfortunately that's only half, tomorrow, Day 17,  I will list 10 more  hidden symptoms . 

Day 15 nearly half way through the challenge

Monday 15th May
Day 15 of 6am yoga to help people living with Parkinson's.
There is no definitive test for Parkinson's disease, hence a diagnosis is based on symptoms. Often it is not until symptoms have developed further that a diagnosis is confirmed. Medication and exercise are both key to slowing the progression of this complex and degenerative neuro condition.  6am yoga crew at the Living Room Coogee

Day 13 crow pose

Saturday 13th May
Raising funds for people living with Parkinson’s Day 13 of 31 days of 6am yoga (post yoga class pic). Please consider a donation if you can,  any amount is much appreciated and makes a difference to others. Thank you very much. 
ps in yoga this arm balance is called crow pose -  

Day 12 Step up for Parkinson's

Friday 12th May
31 days of 6am yoga for Parkinson's 
This morning was dark and cold at 5.30am and hard to get up. Thanks to all the  6am yogis who joined and for sharing space and giving me support - I could not do this challenge alone. 

Day 11 Step up for Parkinson's

Thursday 11th May
31 days of 6am yoga to help people living with Parkinson's.
Post class pic with teacher Isabella Francis.
For people living with Parkinson's exercise is second to medication management. Exercise...
reduces Parkinson's symptoms
slows the progression of symptoms
regenerates adult brain cells
may protect the brain from further damage
helps reduce other health issues
helps reduce falls and injuries
stimulates serotonin, endorphins and dopamine (which Parkinson's inhibits in the brain)
increases brain function
reduces anxiety, stress and depression

6am daily yoga at The Living Room for Parkinson's

Wednesday 10th May
Day 10 of 31 days of 6am yoga for Parkinson's 
Parkinson's disease can affect anyone - male or female and at any age although more common in older age. The four key symptoms are tremor, slowness of movement, muscle rigidity and instability and can vary significantly from one person to another. In early stages symptoms may be vague and non-specific such as fatigue or muscle pain. 

6am yoga to raise funds for Parkinson's

Tuesday 9th May
Day 9 of 31 days of 6am yoga at The Living Room Coogee.
There is no known cause for the development of Parkinson's, however it is thought that a combination of the following may play a role: ageing, genetics, infections,  environmental factors, pesticides & toxins and drugs/medication. 

Day 8 6am yoga for Parkinson's

Monday 8th May
Day 8 of 31 days of yoga to help others. 
Parkinson's is a movement and mood disorder with symptoms such as slowness of movement, muscle rigidity, instability, tremor, depression and anxiety.
Medication management, exercise, and socialisation are all important and good approaches.
A diagnosis can occur at any age with the most common age being around 65
10% of people diagnosed are under the age of 45 (around 5 people every day in Australia)
18% of people living with Parkinson's are of working age (ie under 65).
Your kind donation will help people with Parkinsons get access to the specialist supports that will help slow the progression of Parkinson's disease. 

Day 7 Sunday yoga with Karolina

Sunday 7th May
Raising awareness for people with Parkinson's disease.  Sunday yoga practice with the amazing Karolina Szymala at the Living Room yoga school Coogee.
Strength and balance is one exercise that can help  people living with Parkinson's. Please donate if you can.

Day 5 6am sunrise yoga for Parkinsons

Friday 5th May
Sadly another 37 people will receive the devastating news they have Parkinson's in Australia today. Every $ raised will go towards services like placing a neurological nurse who can help hundreds of people

Day 4 Step up for Parkinson's

Thursday 4th May
259 people will be diagnosed with Parkinson's in Australia in the  next 7 days
So by the end of this 31 day challenge that's another 1,147 newly diagnosed and there is no cure for this degenerative neuro disease  . Stepping up to raise funds for specialist supports to help people living with Parkinson's 

5.55am on my way into 6am yoga

Wednesday 3rd May
Pre class pic of the dawn over the ocean at Coogee Beach. Pretty dark at 6am these days with sunrise at 6.30am.  Great way to raise funds for people living with Parkinson's 

Day 3 of 6am yoga - at The Living Room Coogee post class pic with teacher Rachel Mason

Wednesday 3rd May
Post class photo with teacher Rachel Mason 

Day 2 daily 6am yoga Step up challenge

Tuesday 2nd May
Day 2 - more happy 6am yogis - salute the sun 

Day 1 Step up for Parkinson's

Monday 1st May
Morning Sunshine
6am yoga for Parkinson's kicked off this morning.
My challenge is 31 days of 6am yoga - yes  A class every day to Step up for Parkinson
Please join me, the sunrise yoga at The Living Room yoga school Coogee Beach will never disappoint 

Ready for 31 days of 6am yoga to help people living with Parkinson's

Monday 17th Apr
Here we go, the 31 day challenge starts soon 

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