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I'm Stepping Up for Parkinson's this May!

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I am Stepping up for Parkinson's this May.

During the month of May, I will be Stepping Up for Parkinson's.. This is my third year of Stepping Up, and I have been amazed and so appreciative of all the wonderful family and friends who have been there to support me, not only by donating, but emotionally as well.

Your generous support will assist me in reaching my fundraising goal and allow Parkinson's NSW to continue its mission to enhance the quality of life for people living with Parkinson's, their carers and families.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder. There are currently 245,000 Australians living with Parkinson's. Of these, 18 per cent are of working age. It is another of those terrible diseases that has no cure. If you wish to join the numbers of people Stepping Up, contact Parkinson's NSW.

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Only FIVE days to go

Sunday 26th May
Well May has certainly zipped past us again.
I have to admit that adding the extra walks to my exercise routine has made me a little more tired, but not so much as to be disappointed with the results so far.
I aimed for 220km and have already achieved 320km. I set a target of $2500 and am up to $2,209. I know quite a few family and friends who said they would contribute, may have simply forgot ..... Don't worry ..... Still 5 days to go.
It's Sunday and Yin Yoga is due shortly, the best part of my week for complete relaxation.
Once again, thanks everyone who has already contributed. Love you all and am so grateful.

Over Halfway there

Friday 17th May
Thank you, Thank you, to all the wonderful people who have donated to Parkinson's again this year.
We are just over halfway through this year's challenge. I thought 220km would keep me busy, but I've already passed that goal. My $ value was set at $2,500 and with your generous support I have now passed $1600. I'm pretty certain we'll reach that target as well.
My daily activity record looks a little odd, as this year I've added swims to the list as well as 30minutes of other, which is when I do my PD Warrior Exercises, Exercises specifically designed to help people with PD. Then I'm cycling more often this year plus adding Yoga and Pilates to my activities. I've always done these but not added them to the activities.
Once again, in my most Diplomatic way, if you haven't donated yet, but plan on doing so, do it now. Logon to my page and keep the total climbing. Anything over $2 is tax deductible.
Love you all
Kerry, Kes, Mum, Grandma


Saturday 4th May
After 4 days I am so proud of the generous and supportive community in which I live. The friendly people at Aqua have been supportive in so many ways, even before the challenge came up. People I have never met before from Pilates took a copy of my PD Page link. We are so lucky we live in this beautiful country with it's giving , caring people.
If you look at my activities, there is still a little confusion as my Aqua time is listed as a swim, Rides are just that, time on my bike, walk is accurate as well as it is usually dog walking time, but my Pilates, Yoga and time taken doing PD Warrior exercises won't record as that. So if you see something for 30 mins and no other detail, that's PD Exercise time, the 45 min time is for Yoga and Pilates.
If you haven't had time to donate yet, I'd love to be able to send you a thank you. No amount to big or too small. It all adds up.

It is nearly May and time for me to record my daily activitiies.

Friday 19th Apr
In 2022, the first year that Step up for Parkinson's began, I simply walked 5km per day. In 2023, I was having bigger problems walking due to the osteoarthritis in my feet, so I added some kilometres on my bike.
This year I will throw in a complete mix of things which is what I have been doing since I was diagnosed almost eight years ago. My week goes like this
Monday :-45mins Aqua aerobics:  45mins yoga/pilates mix
Tuesday :- 4 hours working at the Hunter Region  Botanic
                      Gardens weeding, raking, planting ..........
Wednesday :- Similar to Monday
Thursday :- Bike riding with Grannies on bikes  Min 30km-
Friday :- same as Mon and Wed
Saturday :- Park Run preferably as a volunteer due to feet.
Sunday :- Bike ride with my Husband; 55mins of Yin Yoga

Plus I walk the dog;  Mow the lawns; walk with a friend as time permits. When I feel bad or have pain :- I EXERCISE.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Wilfred De Sain


Roseanne Goggin

Well done Kes


John & Gai Taylor

Nice work 👏


Adam, Katrina, Doug And Elouise

We are so proud of your determination to push through the hurdles and dealing with the challenges Parkinson’s brings. You are going so strong with keeping the symptoms at bay. Keep up the incredible work. ❤️🥰😍🙏


Pilates Girls Liz And Sandra

Keep going Kerry



go Kerry (again!) awesome effort and awareness raising.


Lynda Wood

Keep going but don't over do it. Love Lyn


Greg Bacon

To my Darling Wife Kerry, It has been amazing watching you work so hard to keep this terrible disease at bay and to raise funds to help others. I only have one complaint.... can they please develop something to stop you talking of a night and living out your dreams. Love you Darl



Well done, you have worked hard for this.


Stephen Rowse

Let’s beat Parkinson’s


Yin Yoga

Thanks Brad and Jenny for getting the ball rolling.


Helen Allan

You’re a trooper Kerry!





Go Kerry!


Kerry Bacon


Jim Costello

Good onya Kerry



Good luck


Sharlene Manktelow

Love our chats before Aqua class starts. Thanks for being a friend


Carole Hooper

You are an inspiration Kes! Hope you can keep up your amazing effort! 👏💐🍀👏💐🍀


Joe Costello


7am Aqua Group

And more money coming from the lovely ladies and gents who play at Aqua.


Aqua Girls Amanda, June And Robyn

Keep smiling Kerry


Margaret Nixon

Join us for a coffee.




Clark Richards


Pauline Murdoch

Congratulations Kerry


Tina's Yogilates Group

You keep defying the disease.


Tim Bradley



Be careful Kerry.


Tim An Andrea Hackney

Keep up the good work Kerry Best wishes


Rob Prentice


Tsal, Luke, Kai, Lei & Mak

Dear Kerry, keep being the bright shining star you are in this world 🌟✨🌈❤️ we miss you and are very inspired by you!


Aqua Anonymous

Thanks to all the lovely friends who play at Aqua with me for their generous donations. Love you all


Vicki Costello

So very proud of you and your achievements, keep going you are so strong. LOVE YOU HEAPS


Michelle Haley

Congratulations!! Your doing a great job!😘😘



Great achievement Kerry. It will be tickityboo.


Janet Parsons


Brenda Mounter