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I'm Stepping Up for Parkinson's this May!

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Why am I Stepping up for Parkinson's

During May 2023 I will be Stepping Up for Parkinson's.

I know only to well the impact PD can have on those you love. My husband was diagnosed with PD in 2016. He is a true warrior. 

Your generous support will allow Parkinson's NSW to continue its mission to enhance the quality of life for people living with PD, their carers and families.

Thank you 

Marg 💙💚

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Day 28 - 20,160 steps = 14kms 🫶🏼

Sunday 28th May
What a beautiful day in the sun walking the dog on the beach with beautiful friends. Followed by 5km run in the bush. I have achieved a number of goals throughout this challenge. More than i dreamed!! Only $1,981 left & we will reach my new found goal for Parkinson’s NSW - one small cog in the wheel 💙💚🎉

Day 27 - 17,110 steps a work in progress 🫶🏼

Saturday 27th May
8am - 5km run with Parkrun Camden - icicle cold 🥶 1pm - 3.5km walk along beach. Total for the day to 10pm = 13kms. I have now doubled my kms commitment for this challenge. That is a feat in itself. This time last year i averaged 1,300 steps/day. All we now need is to double my donation goal - let’s all step up & see if i can raise $5,000 !!! 💚💙

Day 26 - 16,507 steps 🫶🏼

Friday 26th May
- 12kms today - 9kms were walked in the dark at 6 degrees C, wind gusts at 29km/hr…. It was freezing cold - goal achieved for re my steps. I now just need someone to step up & donate to this cause 🙏🏼 With thanks Marg 💙💚

Day 25 - 8,107 steps = 5.5kms

Thursday 25th May
It was a long long day today with many competing demands… As my son wisely cautioned me “ Don’t be hard on yourself. Just remember to be kind to your body Mumso” #steppingupforacause #stepupforParkinsons #ParkinsonsNSW

Day 24 - 19,341 steps

Wednesday 24th May
13.5kms for the day #steppingupforacause #parkinsonsnsw

Day 23 - 17,006 steps

Tuesday 23rd May
12.5kms - nightie night 💙💚 #stepupforparkinsons #parkinsonsnsw

Day 22 - 17,605 steps

Monday 22nd May
A big shout out to my neighbour, Jan Wilson for your generous donation!! Thank you for stepping up for Parkinsons NSW. Doing the hard yakka & letter box drop was worth it all 💙💚 #stepupforparkinsons #parkinsonsnsw

Day 21 - 17,516 steps

Sunday 21st May
Firstly thank you Juju & Chris for stepping up with your generous donation 💙💚 Minka was by my side for my 5kms run on this cold & windy day. She was so attentive & focused. I think she knows what i’m up to on this journey stepping up. She is such a wonderful companion & doing her bit. #stepupforparkinsons #parkinsonsnsw

Day 20 - 15,882 steps

Saturday 20th May
These steps were weaved with love. The sole purpose in mind was stepping up for Parkinson’s NSW and in turn supporting those we love and care for. Your donation - no matter how small - will go a long way to archieving this goal. 💙💚 with thanks xx

Day 19 - 11,151 steps 💚💙

Friday 19th May
To be frank I did not want to brace the cold tonight to clock up my steps. Black toes, a blister & painful mouth ulcers from braces was adding to the equation. I did the sums & decided that commitment outweighed pain. It was worth it all when i came home to find my beautiful niece had stepped up. Thank you Ariane & Andrew for making a difference 🫶🏼 #stepupforparkinsons #parkinsonsnsw #parkinsonswarrior #steppingupforacause

Day 18 - 15,299 steps 🥊🥊

Thursday 18th May
Early rise, work & then my first ever run with my son followed by a delicious mothers day dinner. Grah has completed x3 boxing this wk 🥰 Goals achieved 🥊 Please step up & donate to Parkinsons NSW - thank you

Day 17 - 12,038 steps

Wednesday 17th May
= 8.6kms for today. My blistered toes & mind told me to stay by the cosy warm fire. However the passion for completing this challenge overcame. Let’s make a difference 💙 #stepupforparkinsons #parkinsonsnsw #parkinsonswarrior #parkinsonssucks

Day 16 - 12,374 steps

Tuesday 16th May
My steps for today = 9kms Keeping my commitment to Step up for Parkinsons NSW has certainly been a challenge. But i know it will be worth every step. Thank you to everyone who has donated to date. Please spread the word 💙💚 thank you 🙏🏼

Day 15 - 14,539 steps

Monday 15th May
Rest day today from running. However still stepped up completing 10.6kms steps with Parkinson’s NSW in mind 💙💚

Day 14 - Happy Mother’s Day 19,186 steps

Sunday 14th May
Steps for today 19,186 = 14kms In honour of my beautiful mother who was an avid lover of walking throughout her lifetime 💙💚 #stepupforparkinsons

Day 13 - 19,878 steps = 15kms

Saturday 13th May
Day 13 - Thank you to Felicity Park for your generous donation. There continues to be many firsts stepping up for Parkinson's NSW. My first ever 5km run today with parkrun Australia was an excellent way to complete steps & meet like minded enthusiasts #stepupforparkinsons #parkinsonswarrior #reachedmytarget
Saturday 13th May

Day 12 - International Nurse Day - 16,306 steps

Friday 12th May
Firstly thank you to Brenda Gillard & Nicole Greig for your generous donations. Today is International Nurses Day where we celebrate the significant contributions made by the backbone of the healthcare system - Nurses. These highly skilled and trained medical professionals are essential in providing critical services indispensable to our community. A Parkinson's Specialist Nurse is a key care team member for people living with PD. Thank you to all the nurses for what you do!!! 💙💚 Steps for today 16,306 / 12.5kms

Day 11 - 16,383 steps

Thursday 11th May
Making it count is what it’s all about. Thank you for your generous financial support enabling Parkinson’s NSW 💚💙

Day 10 - 15,084 steps - I’m stepping up

Wednesday 10th May
The commitment continues stepping up for Parkinson’s NSW 11.6km = 15,084 steps for today #stepupforparkinsons #parkinsonswarrior

Day 9 - Tuesday 13,840 steps

Wednesday 10th May
Day 9 - Tuesday 9 May - 13,840 steps = 10.4kms #stepupforparkinsons A big shout to my beautiful sister @sue_khalil for your generous donation to @parkinsons_nsw - thank you 🙏🏼 💙💚

Day 8 - 💙💚 17,458 steps = 13kms

Monday 8th May
Week 2 - Let’s get down to business. My commitment = walk 5kms/day in May. I have stepped up to include a 5km run. Don’t aak me how, Today was a challenge after a long day at work, visit to my genius dentist to tighten my braces, freezing cold temperatures & battling elevation where i live. To the neighbour who tooted, son who SMS while completing the challenge & all those who have donated to date - thank you for your encouragement !! Let’s make this count making a difference for those living with PD!!!

Day 7 - 17,010 steps 💚💙

Sunday 7th May
My step for today = 17,010 = 12.4kms. Every step counts . Your generous donation to Parkinson’s NSW will go a long way to ensure a brighter future 💙💚

Day 6 - 23,069 steps 🥊🥊🥊

Saturday 6th May
Eventful day today not only stepping up for Parkinson’s NSW but also celebrating International Day of the Midwives 2023 with a walk at Western Sydney Parklands with beautiful colleagues 💙💚 I have certainly surpassed the 5km commitment today!!!!!!!

Day 5 - 15,412 steps 🥊

Friday 5th May
Day 5 - Stepping up for Parkinson’s NSW is loads of fun. Grateful for @turiapitt & @_mama_movement. A big shout out to Jennifer, Ron & Julie for your generous donations. What an inspirational week for Graham discovering a new found love for boxing with the amazing team at @ubxcamden 💙💚 #parkinsonsexercise #parkinsonswarrior #parkinsonsawareness #stepupforparkinsons

Day 4 💙💚 14,192 steps

Thursday 4th May
My husband, best friend & the love of my life. Graham is the reason i am stepping up to walk 5kms everyday throughout May. Raising funds to help Parkinson’s NSW support those affected by PD is one small way to give back to the community we live in. I am immeasurably proud of Graham’s achievements & how we circumvent PD.

Day 3 💙💚 15,028 steps

Wednesday 3rd May
My daily challenge & commitment continues stepping up for Parkinson’s NSW. Thank you for your generous support helping to a make a difference!!

Day 2 🥊 17,257 steps

Tuesday 2nd May
Stepping up to make a difference for persons living with Parkinson’s 💙💚

Day 1 💙💚 13,217 steps

Monday 1st May
Today was the day team I stepped up to run 5kms each day for the month of May!!! A big shout out to Joshua, Jonny & Glenn for your tech support, headlamps & fancy headphones 🥰🙏🏼 Coming home to Grah’s smiling face after his very first boxing lesson & shaving 5mins off my PB at 6am was worth every ounce of effort!!! 9.5km run/walk in total for the day

Tomorrow’s the day

Sunday 30th Apr
Grah is the reason i’m stepping up to raise funds for Parkinson’s NSW. Thanks Steve, Bec, Michael & Kerry. Your support goes a long way to make this journey a good one!! Grah starts his first boxing lesson tomorrow after the expert advice of his PD mobility specialist physio - how good is that!! 💙💚

Countdown begins

Sunday 23rd Apr
One week to go when i will walk / run 5km a day throughout May. Thank you & welcome your kind generous donations towards Parkinson’s NSW.

Stepping up to make life better 💚

Friday 14th Apr
Stepping up for Parkinson’s NSW are champions Karen Shirtliff & Ella Farr!! Thank you so much for supporting us in this journey 💙

Making a difference

Thursday 13th Apr
Thank you so much Mario Bova, St Helen’s Park Long Day Care Center, Kayleen & Craig for stepping up to support the work of Parkinson’s NSW 💜

World Parkinson’s Awareness Day 2023

Tuesday 11th Apr
A big shout out & thanks to Colin, Donna, Wendy, Jonathan, Monika, Janelle & Shaun. Let’s not forget Graham, the love of my life. We are in this together for you & we are all so very proud doing life with you 🌷💚💙

Thank you

Wednesday 29th Mar
Thank you Alex, Ange & Rhonda for your generous donations towards supporting Parkinson’s NSW. 
I can’t wait to step up on 1 May 2023 💙

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kayleen & Craig


Jonathan & Monika Dunford



Rhonda Eurell


Donna Harris

Go well!


Rhonda Jennings


Lisa Mccue

Well done Marg.


Jennifer Robinson


Angela Dunford


Colin Lawrence


Geoff & Brenda Slade

Sending our love


Margaret Dunford

I’m stepping up 🫶🏼


Ron & Julie Reyn

May he be blessed dear Margie and our prayers are with him


Graham Dunford

Go get ‘em girl!!!!!


Ella Farr

Love you guys!!!


Karen Shirtliff


Ali Blanch

I’m sure Minka is helping keep the steps up!


Brian & Marion

In memory of Dad.


Margaret Dunford


Mario Bova

Great effort guys


Mike & Kerry

Good luck Marg & Graham


Shaun And Janelle

You are both amazing. Xx


Angela Dunford


Jan Wilson


Laul & Jimmy X

Go Margie! 🤍 you’re amazing x


W. Jobe

So proud you are doing this on behalf of my amazing Brother. A wonderful cause.


Brenda Gillard


Judith Spence

Sending love and hugs xoxo


Sue Khalil


Chris & Kent

We support you Margaret & Graham. 🙏🏻


Felicity Park

Go Marg 😊


Elva Kayes

blessings to you both


Lorraine Andrews


Alex Dunford


Rod & Jenny



You’ve got this Marg!!!


Ariane & Andrew

We’re so proud of you & Uncle Graham!!


Wendy Naylor


Yvonne Lindbeck

Pleased to donate to this project for Graham, a Manilla school friend


Nicole Greig


Liz Blake

Margie I'd love to give more, Im sorry it is not a lot. You are amazing as individuals and a couple.


St Helen's Park Long Day Care Centre

Great effort guys


Stephen Farr

Glad you’re stepping up in this challenge you and Gra face