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Step up for Parkinson's

We're stepping up for Parkinson's!

As the weather turns toward Winter the enthusiasm to stay active can dwindle.  But for people with Parkinson's Neuro-Active Exercise is as important as their medicine to slow the progression of the disease.

During the month of May, the good folk at Regain Life Physiotherapy are encouraging each other to keep moving! and we will be Stepping Up for Parkinson's.

Your generous support will assist us in reaching our fundraising goal and allow Parkinson's NSW to continue its mission to enhance the quality of life for people living with Parkinson's, their carers and families.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder. There are currently 219,000 Australians living with Parkinson's. Of these, 18 percent are of working age...and the best way to reduce your risk of Parkinson's is moderate to high-intensity exercise in your mid-life.  So, donate to a great cause and join my team to improve your health;)

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Meredith (mimi) Morgan


Regain Life Physio Pd Form Builders

Keep working hard group members! You are all inspiring🕺🏼🧘‍♀️🙏🏽👟🥰


Inez Chambers

For a great course. Congratulations and well done . Martin and Inez


James Papadopoulos


Marize Newnham


Joanne Heriot

You are an inspiration Trevor


Lyn Bartold

Well done Trevor, keep up the good work


Trevor Prasad`


Debra And Robert Judd

Keep it up. You are amazing Trevor!


Manny Vassal

Good stuff Trev, would love to join you for a run, roll or ride. Manny


Dave Chambers

Good luck Trev although I think 155 is a cakewalk for you!


Lina Romero


Tina Thompson

Great going Trevor! Keep going and you’ll make a difference.


Rob Wilkie

Well Done Trev !


Odette Parker


Paul Fenton

Awesome Marize... stay fit and healthy, us Parky people love your passion and quest for knowledge about this unique illness. Great work. Regards Paul


Madeleine Fry


Eveline Campbell


Brendan Andrews

Thanks for all your support


Susan, Barney & Eden

What an awesome achievement to have hit your target! Lots of love xxx


Adam Rudegeair

Great work on your exercise goals, Trevor!




Helen Ross-soden