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I'm Stepping up for Parkinson's…

During the month of May, I will be Stepping Up for Parkinson's.

Your generous support will assist the “Stepping-Up with Jn…” team and I reach our fundraising goal in support of Parkinson's NSW in its mission to enhance the quality of life of those living with Parkinson's, as well as their careers, and their families.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder and There are currently 219,000 Australians living with Parkinson's. Of these, 18 per cent are of working age.

Please sponsor the “Stepping-Up with Jn…” team or me and join our efforts to help those in need.  Every $1 raised helps and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

You can help my team achieve our goal in the following ways:

1.     Stepping up yourself by registering as a participant or as part of the ““Stepping-Up with Jn…” team

2.     By joining me for one of more days walking (or cycling) with me along the way

3.     Helping us achieve our goal as fund raisers by simply clicking on one of the links below to make a donation through the team’s or my page


Jn’s Page:

Team’s page:

Thank you so much for your ongoing support - it is truly appreciated.

Looking forward to catch-up with you soon.

Best wishes,


(Vivian Jean-Noel Nicolas)

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Stepping-Up with Jn... May is over...

Monday 6th Jun

Dear family, friends, team members and sponsors.

I hope that you are keeping well.

I am grateful for your sponsorship, and support; it gave me the  incentive to keep going and exceed our targets:

·        Our team exceeded its target of $2,999; we raised a total of $3,617 and we ranked the 7th team

·        Jn's distance target was 155 Km (5 Km every day) – I achieved 188 Km.

·        Jn aimed to raise $1,500 – I achieved $2,999, just short of `doubling it and I ranked 5th.

big thank you to those who physically joined me, these were special. 

During the walk with my friend, Loulou, we came across a Red Belly Black sun-bathing along the Nepean River, see photos.

Finally, the draw for the JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker was done on Saturday and it was won by friend, Paul Vincent from Melbourne... 


Thank you,


Over and out 😊


Last 31 hours...

Monday 30th May
May has 31 days
 Tomorrow is the 31st day       of May
   Jn only less than 31 hours
     Left to raise $31 more
       To double his $1,500                 target

Lucky draw for the JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Sunday 29th May

3 days to go and no team member has advised their eligibility to the draw for the Bluetooth speaker, visit the team's page to see how you can qualify:


The train

Tuesday 3rd May
We tried to catch this train back, but it never got going, we we had to step-back...

The Log Cabin with Alex

Tuesday 3rd May

You can win the cool "JBL Clip 4" speaker by...

Friday 29th Apr
All members of the "Steping-Up with Jn", who have:
1 - completed a minimum of 31Km
2 - have raised $93 or more
3 - by 10:00 pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time, on Friday 27 May 2022
Will have one chance to win the JBL Clip 4

Time is ticking, 🕒, only 26 hours and 10 minutes to go before we can start to work on our step up goal...

I remember...

Wednesday 27th Apr
Hello, as expected I remember how to ride a bike, but I had forgotten how hard it is to pedal uphill,  when tyres are half flat, brakes are rubing against the wheels, there is grease or oil on the rims where the brakes make contact, the deraleur has developed a mind of its own, these sound like excuses, the biggest issue is the, Jn 💬 

I can improve the state of the bike with some TLC, elbow grease, WD40, thorough wash, grease, silicon oil and more air in the tyres. But improving the rider will take a lot more... 

Future updates will be available on my Team's page

Wednesday 27th Apr
Stepping-Up with Jn

I could Step-Up on a push bike, but can I still ride a bike?

Wednesday 27th Apr
Of course I can was my answer...
So went looking for my bike, that has been in storage under the house for the last 2 - 3 years but only found my wife's, it will have to do as my bike had suffered a terminal cracked frame. 
I have washed the bike and and partiality inflated the tyres.  Keep posted for that test ride... 

Big hoorah...

Tuesday 26th Apr
Our team should currently be in second position  of the leader board, but for some reasons we are incognito; the Parkinson's NSW help desk is fixing it...

Thanks to you all...

Getting there...

Tuesday 26th Apr

Thank you all for your donations and support and have achieved my previous goal of $999.

I have upped it now to $1,500, reached $1,138 and hope to achieve this target by the end of May 2022, keeping fingers crossed...


We also have good news about the team, we have four members now, follow the Team’s page for updates.  I won an item from Parkinson’s NSW and will donate it to one team member, see the Team’s page for more details


Many thanks,

Jn…  😊


The team’s link:


Thank you...

Tuesday 19th Apr
This afternoon noon you donations brought my sponsored donation s to $965, $34 short from the previous $999 target.  I have now raised the target to $1,500 in the hope that others do not feel like we want to stop there.


Seekinig support for Stepping-Up

Thursday 14th Apr
We have ignition... 
Reaching-out to family and friends for support stared today
The pages,mine an the Team's aren't too smick, and I would appreciate your feedback, suggestions or your page design. 
Keeping in touch... 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Francine Roussel De St Remy

Wishing you the best




Marilyn Nicolas



Best wishes, you are an inspiration for persons suffering this illness... Martine, Gyliane and Wade


Pacific Plan Management

Awesome JN, good luck!


Gilles Nicolas

Proud of you brother, with your long strides you can do it


Mary-ann Boribon

Hi J-Noel, you've done so well. Keep up the good work.We Look forward to catching up with you guys.


Sophie Nicolas



Olivia Reynolds

Well done JN & Team!!


Debora Lagrange

We're cheering for you to meet your goal, JN! All the very best now and always :)


Patricia Blake





All the best Jean Noel. I will be in touch to see if I can be of help in other ways to. Even if it is just baking for you 😀


Steph & Dimitri Cassimatis

Great work!


Paul Riny


Gilles Gaudet

Best of luck in your fund raising efforts Jean-Noel.


La Boucherie Restaurant

La Boucherie is delighted to support this initiative.


James Pierce


Jcs Cangy

Hi Jean Noel, At the risk of sounding like an Ad for JW… Keep walking 😊 B Rgds Clarel


Kevin Croning


Île Maurice

Vas y Jean Noël de Marie Lise, Colette et tante Huguette


Catherine Nicolas

Good luck Jean Noel. Sending you big hugs for taking part in this fundraiser, I got you achieve your goal!


Genevieve Riny

Go JeanNoel!



You are doing well JN


Loulou & Vanessa

Good on you, Jean-Noel. Looking forward to our walk. Loulou


Sean Nicolas

Go Dad!!!! Keep up the good work. We are all cheering you on from over here and hoping to join you soon for a walk!


Seb & Vicky

Sending lots of love from both of us!!


Natalie Solomon

Congratulations for all your efforts. Well done


Denis Lozina

Happy to help J-N what a great cause to support.


Crystal Piper

Always here to have your back JN just like you you have many of ours at DPC. Good luck with the Fund raising.


Vivian Jean-noel Nicolas


National Disability Coordination

Good on you J.N.


Catherine St James

Go gang busters JN 😁