Raised for people living with Parkinson's in 2022

What is Step Up for Parkinson's?

Step Up for Parkinson's is a virtual fitness challenge open to everyone. You can take part where ever you live whatever your fitness level is you can Step Up for Parkinson's and raise funds for people living with Parkinson's.

You can Step Up as an individual or with your family and friends. Step Up in your home, your local park or your workplace at anytime that suitis you. 

I'm Stepping up for...


I'm stepping up as my husband has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's. We are on a steep learning curve, and hope this money raised will enable more research.

Gary Cowlishaw

I’m Stepping Up for all the lovely people impacted by Parkinson’s disease and their careers, families and friends. Gary’s daily YOGA challenge

Sara Wilks

My hubby was diagnosed last year. He struggles every day with simple tasks. I am Stepping up for Parkinsons to help raise desperately needed funds.

Therese and Penny

Little Penny is a 7 week old miniature foxy and she is stepping up with me to raise funds for Parkinson’s NSW. These funds will be used to help people with Parkinson’s live full and happy lives.

Marie Robinson

I’m Stepping Up for Parkinson’s in Memory of my Dad

Barry Whiting

I am Stepping up for Parkinsons to help raise desperately needed funds and increase the awareness of what is needed for people who are going through this PD journey.


I’m stepping up in memory of my beautiful Mum💗


I am stepping up for a inspirational women who is living with Parkinson, my employer Christina.

Will Morgan

I was diagnosed 2020 with Young Onset PD. It has taken me on a journey of self reflection. To know there are so many suffering it’s now time to acknowledge the disease so I want to help raise awareness to find a cure.


Stepping up for my beautiful Mum who had Parkinson’s for 15 years 💕🌹


I'm stepping up for aged care residents with Parkinson's that i have the pleasure to help look after.

John Gillespi

I am stepping up for Parkinson’s to help everyone that is suffering from this terrible disease. I saw my Father suffer it for many years and I now have 3 other family members managing life with it. Within our firm we have had 2 staff and 1 client loss family members to PD in the last 6 months after many years of dealing with it. We have to support all those affected by PD, the patient, their family and carers.

Ruth Offer

I’m stepping up for the Tenterfield PD community who I recently joined! 💜🌷


I am Stepping Up for Ma Dunn and all my inspirational patients and clients living with Parkinson's Disease.

Jan Deane

I am stepping up for my gorgeous mother who passed away too early due to Parkinsons.

Noni M

I'm stepping up for my Dad who was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2014. It has been a tough road and will continue to be tough with many daily struggles for him and for my mum who is caring for him. My Nana (his mum) also had Parkinson's. Let's hope their is a cure or at least improved medication for this cruel disease very soon.

Shirlee Whiting

I'm stepping up for my amazing husband Barry, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's May 2021.

Stacey Straatsma

My step dad who is the kindest, most loving, giving and amazing man has Parkinsons. We can see the toll it's taking from the outside but cannot imagine the pain, confusion and frustration he must feel. Let's raise some money to help those in need, for a cause so close to my heart ❤️


I am stepping up for my beautiful husband who has Parkinson’s and fights every day!

Kerry Bacon

I'm stepping up for all people suffering with Parkinson's. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and have been lucky so far. Raising funds to help those in need of extra support is vital.

Fiona Jessiman

I have met the most beautiful people (those diagnosed, their loved ones and teir health workers) while working for Parkinson's NSW. We suspect that my father also has Parkinson's. It's a difficult condition affecting all of those living with it. The more supports we can advocate for as a community, the better outcomes these beautiful people can look forward to.

Terri Halliday

I’m stepping up for Graham ( my husband) & a couple of friends that have it

Linda Bateman

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 2 years ago and am aware of the lack of understanding and funding to aid research My hope is that we can provide funds to help the wonderful researchers to enable a cure or delay of progression of the disease

Mick Hookham

My Dad, his brother and their father before them all had Parkinson's. I also know people now who have Parkinson's. I'm Stepping Up to raise funds so present and future sufferers of Parkinson's can have a better outlook than those who have gone before. Thanks for all your support.


I'm stepping for my husband who has early onset Parkinson's Disease.

Pam Duddy

Im stepping up for Kim Dahler my long time friend.


I am stepping up for my Dad


I am doing this to support all those with Parkinsons and their families. My amazing mum lived with Parkinsons for over 15 years, she made walking everyday a priority. She knew it helped both her physical and mental health. She was part of the Parkinsons NSW support group. Sadly mum passed in August 2021. I am honoured to do this for her.

Renee Gates

My Dad!

Megan Mathew

Myself and Charlette are stepping up for Parkinsons 🥰 Charlette has 2 grandparents recently diagnosed. One being my amazing Mumma 😍 Please join us, donate and share ❤

John Ley

I am stepping up for my gorgeous Dad. He grew up very active, playing AFL, water polo, loved the ocean and times away with his friends fishing. He so loved his family, and lived everyday caring for them. He was my soul dad, my heart is broken without him in my life. He suffered so much but stayed with us for as long as he could, he never gave up and fought to the end hoping he would come home to us. A gorgeous man took too early from us xxx

Glen Kelvin Hellyer

I am stepping up for all people that have this disease

Lynette Dunn

My husband lived with Parkinsons for almost 20 years. He was a fit and active man who loved sport and spending time with family and friends. It was so sad to see him unable to care for himself and barely able to speak or swallow. I am walking to try to make the future better for other sufferers.

Louise Hanna

My Aunty Di, Advocate for the residents of Lismore area, creating and nurturing safe places for those in the area living with Parkinson’s since 2015 and we are so proud of her and stand strong beside her.

Gary Cowlishaw

When I was about age 13 yrs old I often visited my grandparents in Manchester (England). Their neighbours were lovely people and when I went to the door to offer "bob a job" to get my Cub Scouts badges (jobs for 5pence) she could not walk to the door to let me in. That made a huge impact on me, sadly she was struggling with Parkinson's. Little did I know that 45 years later I would be raising funds to make a difference.

Vivian Jean-Noel Nicolas

For my family, friends, colleagues, medical teams who have made it easier for me to live with PD and kept me going for the last 16 years...

Jacqueline Stoodley

I am stepping up for my grandad. He had Parkinson's and it affected everything in his daily life, even getting dressed and feeding yourself. He passed 7 years ago and I miss him so much. I pray everyday that new medications and treatments are being found, especially medications that don't have to be given orally. And most importantly, a cure. I am a huge supporter of Parkinson's NSW and their vital work in education, spreading awareness et al.

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