Get active this May to help people living with Parkinson's.

How will you Step Up?

How will you step up?


Sign up and set yourself a daily activity goal throughout the month of May.


Spread the word! Let everyone know you're Stepping Up and helping raise funds for Parkinson's NSW

Get Active

It's time to get active. Log your activity everyday in May and help make a big impact!

Why we need you to Step Up


The number of Australians under 40 who will receive the news today that they have Parkinson's


The number of people living in Australia who will be diagnosed with Parkinson's in the next 7 days


The number of people in NSW currently living with Parkinson's


The number of people in Australia predicted to be living with Parkinson's in 2040

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Barry Whiting

I am stepping up to help raise awareness of Parkinsons in my local community and to help raise much needed funds for Parkinsons NSW to continue their efforts to provide support for the people who are living with Parkinsons and their families and carers. Also more importantly to set myself excersie goals each day for the month of May and throughout the year.

Mum and a lifelong friend.

Gary Cowlishaw

My name is Gary, I work for Parkinson's NSW where our team of experts are fully focused on providing specialist supports to help people living with Parkinson's. I want to make a difference and with your help we can deliver better health outcomes. Please give the gift of hope if you can knowing that Parkinson's appears unexpectedly and uninvited. It doe snot discriminate.


In past years I have walked and walked - and walked! This year, after reaching the stage where DBS surgery was the best option (after nearly 10 years of tablets), I am doing push ups instead to help regain my fitness. 1550 push ups for the month of May is my goal. I intend to reach it. Please donate to help support others with PD who don't have as much amazing support as I do.

Dennis Marsh and Garry Johnson

My parner, Dennis was diagnosed 3 years ago .Dennis loved to cycle daily .He has cycled all over the world and as a youngster he competed in England with great success. Since his diagnosis his balance has been a problem and he hasn't been able to cycle ..his goal is to get back to his beloved activity..A very good friend of his and a cycling mate, Gary was also diagnosed a year after Dennis..Gary's diagnosis is worse as his form of Parkinsons is affecting him quicker.

My Dad!

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